• HEPI now covering 32 European countries
  • Significant increase in electricity prices in Madrid and Ljubljana
  • Significant increase in gas prices in Copenhagen and Madrid
  • Market forces represent less than half of household energy bills 

Read how the economic turmoil and changing wholesale prices have impacted the residential energy bills from the monthly HEPI report


Who is paying the most? Who is paying the least? 
Where are prices heading in Europe?

Last updated: 5 Jan 2018


Tips for using the visualisation:

  • Page 1 of 2 represents the latest price data for residentail electricity prices, while page 2 of 2 contains the gas price data.
  • Explore the visualisation city by city or compare cities of your choosing by using the tick boxes on the list on the left.
  • The individual graphs can be expanded for closer view by clicking the Focus mode icon on the right-top corner of each graph.