Not many changes took place in the electricity market this month. The most significant ones were:

  • A 3% price increase in Nicosia, due to increases in the energy and distribution components;
  • A 2% price increase in Tallinn, due to an increase in the energy component;
  • A 1% price increase in Paris.


The most significant changes that took place in the gas market this month were as follows: 

  • A 3% price decrease in Athens, due to a decrease in the energy component;
  • A 1% price decrease in Copenhagen, due to a decrease in the energy component; 
  • A 2% price increase in Prague, due to an increase in the energy component.

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Who is paying the most? Who is paying the least? 
Where are prices heading in Europe?

Last updated: 28 Feb 2018


Last updated: 28 Feb 2018


Capitals included in the study

AT  Austria - Vienna
BE  Belgium - Brussels
BG  Bulgaria - Sofia
HR  Croatia - Zagreb
CY  Cyprus - Nicosia
CZ  Czech Republic - Prague
DK  Denmark - Copenhagen
EE  Estonia - Tallinn
FI  Finland - Helsinki
FR  France - Paris
DE  Germany - Berlin
GB  Great Britain - London
GR  Greece - Athens
HU  Hungary - Budapest
IE  Ireland - Dublin
IT  Italy - Rome
LV  Latvia - Riga
LT  Lithuania - Vilnius
LU  Luxembourg - Luxembourg City
MT  Malta - Valletta
ME  Montenegro - Podgorica
NL  Netherlands - Amsterdam
PL  Poland - Warsaw
PT  Portugal - Lisbon
RO  Romania - Bucharest
RS  Serbia - Belgrade
SK  Slovakia - Bratislava
SI  Slovenia - Ljubljana
ES  Spain - Madrid
SE  Sweden - Stockholm
CH  Switzerland - Bern
UA  Ukraine - Kyiv


Tips for using the visualisation:

  • Table 1 represents the latest month's price data for residential electricity and gas customers, while Table 2 contains the historical price data.
  • Explore the visualisation city by city or compare cities of your choosing by using the tick boxes on the list on the left.
  • The individual graphs can be expanded for closer view by clicking the Focus mode icon on the right-top corner of each graph.